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Impressive returns on investment need not be the sole preserve of the large institutions with billions under management.

Welcome to our practice

Our practice has a solid reputation for enabling ordinary investors to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves within the world of financial market investing. We have a solid grounding in traditional stock market investment; indeed, many of our client portfolios feature stocks and assets issued by companies that could generally be described as “utilitarian” and/or “blue chip” but we are also specialists in the alternative investment space where many of our clients earn consistently superb returns.

This is because we focus much of our research efforts on the technology sector where innovation drives investment and profitability that has seen technology-heavy stock indexes in both advanced and emerging markets post scintillating performance over the past decade.

High tech, high-growth

KL Winterbourne Associates makes no secret of its preference for high-tech, high-growth sectors such as cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), disruptive Fintech (financial technology), social media and biotechnology. Typically, there is often considerable institutional investor interest in companies competing in these sectors so they often prove to be highly profitable.

We make it our business to stay fully informed on the plethora of opportunities as they make their way into the investment world’s collective consciousness and to make sure our clients are suitably positioned to take full advantage of them.