Retain More Control

Our capital advisory service gives you the final say on portfolio transactions.

Your call, your terms

Many of our clients come to us with existing portfolio arrangements that they understandably want to preserve. Often, these legacy arrangements are complex and may not lend themselves well to discretionary authorization. Consequently, the managed option is unsuitable since we are unable to effect transactions on portfolios administered by other service providers.

In these instances, we offer a capital advisory arrangement whereby we will seek the client’s consent before conducting trades on the account. While this extra step in the process can have an adverse effect on efficiency especially in instances where we are unable to contact the client in a timely manner, nevertheless, clients can be assured that they will benefit from the same, forensic research we use to gain insight into stocks and other assets we recommend.

Accountable, always

Whichever basis clients choose to proceed with KL Winterbourne Associates on, they will always reap the benefit of a highly professional and deeply conscientious approach both to the technical aspects of our work and the “soft-skills” we use to make their experience as smooth and as rewarding as possible.

Our services come with a firm commitment to adhere to scheduled, twice-yearly portfolio reviews that are designed to show clients that our stewardship has placed their portfolios on course to meet their investment return expectations. On the rare and highly unlikely occasion that this is not the case, it gives clients the opportunity to hold us to account.