Our Approach

Our unique insight opens up the world of advanced technology stocks to discerning investors.

The route to gains

More than any other sector, technology has played a major role in the bull market in equities that began over a decade ago in the wake of the global financial crisis. Few market segments have the potential to energize investors and capture the imagination like technology so we have made it our business to continually refine our edge.

KL Winterbourne Associates has strong links to Silicon Valley and other technology hubs around the world including several right here in Asia. Forward-thinking startup incubators and visionary venture capitalists provide seed capital to innovators in the most exciting parts of the high technology sector, creating huge potential shareholder value. We leverage that knowledge and experience to separate the wheat from the chaff and, in doing so, ensure that we only concern ourselves with the best the sector has to offer.

Selecting the candidates

KL Winterbourne Associates’ researchers conduct thorough analysis on shortlisted technology companies involved in areas as diverse as robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, advanced energy storage and nanotechnology.

Our professionally-qualified analysts peer deeply into the inner workings of dozens of high tech companies searching for evidence to support a case for taking positions in their stocks and/or their corporate debt.

While conducting this meticulous research, we also gauge market sentiment towards these companies and, of course, what they do, by paying close attention to which large investors are buying or selling positions in their assets. The most useful aspect of our insight, however, comes from ensuring we stay up to date with the projects, products and/or services these companies intend to bring to the market.