Advocating Balanced Investing

A balanced approach for the retail investor seeking access to high growth from a stable base.

The case for long-term investing

Make no mistake, despite our affinity with the technology market and the impressively quick returns it can generate, KL Winterbourne Associates still believes that investing capital over the long-term is the best path to sustainable wealth creation and effective preservation. This is because long-term investment gives assets and securities held in an investment portfolio the time they need to recover from the inevitable cyclical corrections in price/value over the long term.

KL Winterbourne Associates helps clients to accumulate and preserve capital over the medium-to-long-term using an array of techniques and asset classes that include stocks, fixed income securities, hard assets and mutual funds.

Patience & discipline

Investing is as much an endeavor in discipline as it is in analytics. Far too many investors are susceptible to being caught up in the buzz around the latest hot stock and following the herd when what they really need is the discipline to stick to a plan regardless of the noise – the irrelevant chatter or sentiment – in the market.

KL Winterbourne Associates succeed because we know that the discipline of long term investing gives us the freedom to see our hunches play out. We are – to quote Warren Buffett – greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. Opportunities present themselves when they are least expected and our patience has been rewarded on more occasions than we care to remember.