A Complete Managed Solution

Trust in the capabilities of our veteran portfolio managers.

Taking stock

For those opting for our managed service, KL Winterbourne Associates’ professional advisers prefer to undertake a detailed and objective evaluation of our clients' situation before disseminating advice or discussing assets/securities. They diligently assess and quantify attitude to risk with the aim of constructing an investment portfolio capable of achieving the client’s objectives without compromising his or her risk comfort zones.

This is generally referred to as “Knowing Your Client” and is a crucial component of any wealth or investment management service offering.

Once our deliberations are concluded, portfolios are then handed off to the portfolio managers who follow their instructions to the letter vis a vis asset allocation and diversification.

Discretionary mandate

Clients selecting this service are expected to provide KL Winterbourne Associates’ portfolio managers with a form of limited power of attorney called “discretionary authorization”. This gives our portfolio managers the permissions they need to conduct transactions on clients’ accounts without having to refer to them for consent beforehand.

Aside from the obvious benefits of such an arrangement, like not having to be concerned about the day-to-day news flow that affects asset prices, clients can also rest assured that the portfolio managers will be able to move swiftly to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves during the normal course of daily financial market trading.

Needless to say, KL Winterbourne Associates’ portfolio managers are contractually obliged to respect all risk boundaries agreed with our advisors during our “Know Your Client” process.