Delivering Service with Distinction

KL Winterbourne Associates’ guidance can be accessed in two key ways.


Clients can grant KL Winterbourne Associates a discretionary mandate which will see us take control of the routine administration of their investment portfolio. This arrangement requires that we be granted ongoing authority to effect transactions on the client’s account without referring to them for consent.

This typically appeals to clients wanting an all-inclusive service and whose long-term assets and securities form the lion’s share of their capital investment with us. Naturally, any and all holdings in their portfolio are included in our management mandate and our professional portfolio managers diligently buy and sell securities at the most opportune times.

We levy an annual management fee that is dependent upon the portfolio’s size.

Capital Advisory

KL Winterbourne Associates recognizes that, to varying degrees, some clients will have grounding in the financial markets or pertinent knowledge about investing. Still, these more sophisticated clients know the value of professional research and wish to take advantage of our deep insight into the technology sector.

For various reasons, however, they may not wish to grant a discretionary mandate to our portfolio managers or may simply prefer to retain more control over what transactions are executed on their portfolios. Our capital advisory service allows them to do just that. They still benefit from our recommendations but our portfolio managers must obtain their consent before buying or selling any assets.