Shrewd Strategies For Success

We build our approach around each client’s unique circumstances and aspirations.

Balance is everything

Although we identify high technology investment opportunities for our clients, we never forget that, despite the obvious potential for gain, an equivalent or even greater chance for loss can manifest itself if we fail to exercise due diligence and professional care.

For this reason, our professionals take the time to get to understand our clients’ tolerance for investment risk before committing their capital to any asset. For the most part, our clients generally tend to exhibit a fairly healthy tolerance for investment risk but there are some who display a rather more conservative attitude and this is something that our professionals have been trained to take into account when considering the components that will go into a client’s portfolio.

Client comfort determines our stance

Our “attack pattern” is wholly dependent upon our client’s comfort.

In our view, there’s nothing worse than having a client losing sleep over what is happening to his or her portfolio on a “down” day in the financial markets. On the other hand, it’s no fun for us to have to explain to a client why his or her portfolio’s performance has trailed behind that of the most unexciting stock index for the year.

For this reason, KL Winterbourne Associates are eminently flexible. We can lighten up on stocks before going “overweight” on bonds if you want to lock in profits or we can increase your exposure to technology asset holdings if we or you feel there is more “meat on the bone” as it were. The permutations are endless and all are possible with KL Winterbourne Associates.